Your hotel in the Sierra of Malaga

The Refugio de Alamut is located in Valle de Abdalajís on the way to Antequera, by the Sierra of Abdalajís. Valle the Abdalajís, with an extension of 21,17km, is located in the province of Málaga, concretely in the southern border of the region of Antequera. It belongs to the Cordillera Penibética and it is 340 mts over the level of the sea, and it is 50km away from the city of Málaga. It is located in a narrow corridor that joins the plains of Antequera and the coasts of Málaga. You will find the Refugio de Alamut in the road of Antequera-Valle de Abdalajís (A-343), km 26900. You can easily arrive to Antequera, through the highway A-92 (Sevilla-Granada) or A-45 (Antequera-Málaga).


Discover every corner of the Refugio


A place full of Nature

Refugio del Alamut


The interaction with the nature is complete due to its location, and thanks to the possibility of organising excursions by horse and sports like trekking and climbing.

Refugio del Alamut


You come through the threshold of the winding mountains and there you are in the Refugio Alamut, far and near at the same time, both as a guest and as a host; there you are, at home and far away.

Refugio del Alamut


A place where the feeling of quieteness turns in the mistic complexity of enjoying and of making yours every passing second…