Ruta El Nacimiento

It is the largest climbing area in Valle de Abdalajís and it has countless possibilities of opening new routes.

Characteristics of the area:

  • Number of equipped routes: There are 47 routes in total.
  • Climbing:It goes along generally cracked plates of great beauty.
  • Difficulty:Between IV and 6c+, predominating the routes of medium grade (V+ and 6a). There exist two sectors with excelent routes for beginners (between IV and V grade).
  • Height: 35 mts maximum, although there is a route of several lengths up to the summit (it is a route of self-protection).
  • Equippment: 90 per cent of the routes are completely equipped with fixed anchors. For the rest of the routes it is necessary to carry self-protection material (wall nuts, friends, etc). The routes of self-protection are indicated at the foot of the track with a red circle. They are only advisable for well trained climbers.


  • Fisura.
  • Diagonal.
  • Central.
  • El Escalón.